‘on world’s best adventure and scenic destination within massive Annapurna Himalaya’

Annapurna region, world’s most beautiful and scenic adventure destinations where nothing can beat the experience around Annapurna region, where you can have wide range of options to choose from leisure hikes and country walks to moderate trekking for a week and continue with adventurous treks of more than a two weeks or more.

Annapurna region, a spectacular holiday destinations where you can walk with daily views of high snow capped peaks of Annapurna Himalaya massive mountains range with majestic and towering Mt. Machhapuchare ‘Fish Tail’, one of the virgin and unclimbed peak in whole Himalaya.

Most of the adventure and leisure holidays around Annapurna region begin from picturesque Pokhara valley, a stunning touristic place blessed with high green hills, valley and close views of mountains which reflects on its serene Begnas and Phewa Lakes.

Xtreme Climbers provides wide range of adventure in and around Annapurna region from moderate-adventurous to challenging treks-peak climbing to major Mountaineering Expeditions with excellent quality services.

Annapurna region besides relaxing holiday offers various adventurous destinations with Annapurna Base Camp within Scenic Annapurna Sanctuary or take a loop around Annapurna from green hills to arid and barren terrain towards arctic zone of ice and glaciers.

Annapurna region offers travelers from main popular routes to hidden pockets where you can enjoy your holiday at its best in the harmony of nature, culture and traditional villages.