1) How to obtain visa to travel Nepal?

Ans :  You can acquire VISA to Nepal through embassy or other diplomatic misson to your country. You can obtain visa thorugh certain entry points of Nepal, or at airport at a fee of $40. The extension of visa requires additional payment of 30$.

2) What are the best trekking routes?

Ans : Definition of best is subjective. But, Some of the popular trekking routes are Annapurna Circuit, Everest Basecamp, Manaslu Circuit, Kanchanjunga , and many more.

3) What is the best month to travel in Nepal?

Ans : The two best season for travelling in Nepal is Sep-Nov (Autumn Season) and March-May( Spring Season)

4) Can i Travel alone in Nepal?

Ans : Yes you can ! Only if you are familiar with terrain and have experiences in the region. But if its your first time, we encourage you to travel with an agency for your safety and fun experience.

5)  Who can climb a peak?

Ans : Anyone can, if they make up their mind. You should be physically fit and should prepare your journey properly.

6) Who will be with me in my journey?

Ans : You will be provided with well experienced and trained guide during your travel

7) Do i need a Travel Insurance?

Ans : Yes. Travel Insurance is mandatory for your safety.

8) What will be the condition of accomodation while climbing?

Ans : During your stay at base camp, you will be provided a high quality tent. Before you reach the base camp, we will managed room in hotel and lodge.

9) How much time is required for trekking and Peak climbing?

Ans : The answer varys from different travel and tours. It depends upon the difficulty level and height of peak. Factors such as weather condition, individual’s endurance and stamina, environment plays vital role in duration of travel.

10) Can we communication to our home country during our journey?

Ans : The communication infrastructure in Nepal is developing at rapid pace. Popular trekking routes have mobile phone coverage. In certain high alititude places, in case such as above climb, VHF or satellite phones are available.